Seven Steps Support Ltd

Our values underpin all the care we provide and are fundemental in our company ethos

Our Values

Community Support

Community support

We provide support to enable individuals to access community projects, work placements, volunteer placements, workshops, college, international venues and community venues.


We have a strong ethos to promote wellbeing and healthy lifestyles. We support clients to book and attend a wide range of health appointments, GP, dentist, Sexual health checks, speech therapy, physiologists, gym sessions, fitness, dog walking and weight management programmes.


Promoting and maximising individuals independence, enhancing confidence, personal targets and goals promoting well being, self-esteem, quality of life and maintaining respect and dignity.

Relationships & Friendships

We support individuals to maintain family relationships, friendsody hips, gain new friendship circles and to maintain a parenting role. We support clients to the cinema, bowling, ice curling, assisted holidays, theatre trips, day trips to the seaside, zoos and football matches.

Core Principles & Values

Our core values

These principles and values underpin our organisation and all our employees have been specifically recruited with these in mind.

Voice, Right, Dignity, Respect, Control and Choice

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